Some Common Yorkshire terrier Crossbreeds You Can Choose

A lovely toy dog, the Yorkshire Terrier is a very vigorous and lively dog that is often a greatly spoiled one. Resembling a silky and hairy dog, the Yorkshire terrier or Yorkie had been a fashionable pet since the late Victorian period. Yorkshire Terriers, as they are formally known, are captivating dogs. They have great qualities and are very intelligent. They are categorized in the toy group of dogs because of their miniature size. Because of the great characteristics of the Yorkie, many breeders choose to mix their kind with other breeds of dogs.

Indeed Yorkshire terriers are the best breed of dogs around. This is why cross breeding them with other kinds of dogs is the passion of many dog breeders. Among the dog breeder’s favorite dogs to mix with the Yorkie is the Maltese. The Yorkshire terrier and Maltese crossbreed is fast becoming a trend among the world of crossbreeding. Its resulting breed is called the Yortkese or the Mortkie. To picture out this unique breed it is essential to know what a Maltese is. The Maltese is a resilient little escort dog with a lavish silky white coat dangling straight to the ground on each side of a middle part line. With its shiny thick and heavy white hair, the Maltese is indeed a great dog to cross with the genes of the Yorkshire.

Another popular Yorkshire crossbreed is Yorkie-Apso. The name might sound strange but the breed is definitely the opposite. It is a cross between the Lhasa Apso and the Yorkshire terrier. The Lhasa Apso has a heavy and long, double coat, hanging over his entire body up to the floor. This hairy little dog looks like a small adaptation of the Old English sheepdog. This is a tough dog with a pushy and friendly attitude. Lhasa Apsos are feisty and loyal little dogs. They are also fond and loving with their masters. They can be very compliant to their masters. They have a keen sense of hearing, which makes them good watchdogs. Because of its similarities in character with the Yorkshire terrier, it has become a great breed to cross with it.

The Yorkipoo is also another highbred mix. It is a cross between the Yorkshire terrier and the poodle. The poodle being one of the most common pets can also be an ideal mix for Yorkies. Poodles are gracefully lively, small dogs with a teeming, but chic and brusque curly coat. Their ears are flat, long and wide, resting close to the head. Poodles usually have an alert expression. Poodles are amazingly intelligent. Highly receptive, they are considered as among the easily trainable breeds. Like the Maltese and Lhasa Apso, it can also serve as a good watchdog. The likeness of its personalities to the Yorkshire terrier also makes it a great crossbreed.

When getting a Yorkshire terrier you can choose to have a pure or crossbreed. You should choose a pure breed if you want a conventional Yorkshire terrier. However, if you want a unique breed you can always buy the crossbred Yorkies.